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Air Preparation

Surbon is a professional manufacturer for pneumatic components in China,Ningbo, fenghua, Xikou town, our products' line include air cylinder, solenoid valve, air preparation, two-position two-way brass solenoid valve, mechanical valve, cylinder accessories, pneumatic fittings, PU/NY tube.

Air source treatment units (air preparation) include O series (Festo type), A series(SMC type), AC,BC series(Airtac type).

Air Preparation is used for treating air source from air compressor. It includes three parts with different function:air filter for filtering the dirt and particles from air source; regulator for regulating the pressure of air source; lubricator for oil lubrication.
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O Series F.R.L

O Series F.R.L include OU, OFR, OL. Each unit can be ordered separately or combination. The  units clean the compressed air of fluid oil,condensation and dirt.
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A Series F.R.L

 The standard modular design can be disassembled and combined arbitrarily. The product design is reasonable, easy to use, easy to assemble and disassemble, and can meet different requirements of the pneumatic system.
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QTYH Series F.R.L

The adjustment operation is convenient, only need to adjust the adjustment screw of the pilot valve to obtain a stable outlet pressure. Long service life, important parts are made of special materials, basically maintenance-free.
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