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Pneumatic Actuators

Surbon is a professional manufacturer for pneumatic components in China,Ningbo, fenghua, Xikou town, our products' line include air cylinder, solenoid valve, air preparation, two-position two-way brass solenoid valve, mechanical valve, cylinder accessories, pneumatic fittings, PU/NY tube.

Cylinder refers to the cylindrical metal parts that guide the piston to perform linear reciprocating motion in the cylinder. Air expands in the engine cylinders to convert thermal energy into mechanical energy; gas is compressed by pistons in the compressor cylinders to increase its pressure.
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DNC Series Standard Cylinder (ISO15552)

The design adopts a new sealing material and buffer structure, which has the characteristics of simple structure, light weight, low starting pressure, balanced operation, good sealing performance, long service life, and convenient maintenance and operation.
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Cylinder Assembly Kits

DNC Cylinder Kits, SI Cylinder Kits,  SC Cylinder Kits, MA6432/MA Cylinder Kits, etc. It is widely used in light industry, chemical industry, metallurgy, machinery, etc. , textile, electronics and other industry automation equipment, there are a variety of accessories to choose from, to meet different installation needs.
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Rack and pinion swing cylinder MSQ series (swing size: Φ 10- Φ 200)

The high-precision type uses high-precision ball bearings, so the vertical and horizontal position accuracy is increased to ±0.01mm.

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