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AR (Air Regulator) 

AR Series air regulator of FRL parts:

AF series regulator is simple assembly. They are available for 8 sizes options from M5 to 1. Surbon company manufactured air treatment units for over 12 years, The FRL products with imported seal are good performance and durability. 
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How to order the AR series regulator :
Model ( Specification )AR1000-M5AR2000-01AR2000-02AR3000-02AR3000-03AR4000-03AR4000-04AR4000-06AR5000-06AR5000-10
Rated Flow (L/min)100550550550250060006000600080008000
Port Size (G)M5G1/8G1/4G1/4G3/8G3/8G1/2G3/4G3/4G1
Highest Working Pressure1MPa
Ensured pressure Resistance1.5MPa
Operating Temperature Range5-60 °C
Range of adjustable pressure0.05-0.7MPa0.05-0.85MPa
Valve TypeWith Overflow
Overall Dimensions :

More Product Details

The schematic diagram of pneumatic AR series air regulator  and graphic symbol showed as right picture. If you want to know more information, please contact us. 
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