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5404 High Pressure,High Temperature Solenoid Val

Product Performance:

●Working Medium:  Air, Water, Oil, Gas

●Motion Pattern: Guide Type

●Type: Normal Close Type

●Control Pressure Rang: 0.3~0.6MPa

●Operating Temperature Range:-5~+150

●Voltage Range : ±10%

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Ordering code and Graphic Symbol for 5404 High Pressure,High Temperature Solenoid Val;
Specification for 5404 High Pressure,High Temperature Solenoid Val;
Motion PatternGuide Type
Working MediumAir, Water, Oil, Gas
TypeNormal Close Type
Aperture of Flow Rate (mm)122025
KV Value2510
Port SizeG1/2"G3/4"G1"
Working Pressure (kgf/cm)Gas: 1-50, Liguid:1-50Gas: 1-40, Liguid:1-25Gas: 1-40, Liguid:1-25
Max.Pressure Resistance (kgf/cm2)7560
Control Pressure Range0.3-0.6Mpa
Operating Temperature °C Rangeminus 5 - 150°C
Voltage Range±10%
Protect Class PowerIP65
ConsumptionAC:5.5VA ,   DC:9W
InsulationF Class
Material of BodyBrass 
Material of oil sealPTFE
Overall Dimensions for 5404 High Pressure,High Temperature Solenoid Val;
Model / SymbolBore (mm)PortABFELA/F

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