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OFR (Filter and Regulator) 

Filter and pressure regulator combine a single unit and cleans the compressed air of fluid oil,condensation, and dirt particles.For special application,the standard 40μm filter element may easily be replaced by a 5μm filter element. Even if the input pressure and compressed air consumption production system fluctuate, the OR regulator can also ensure that its set working pressure is very stable.

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Filter regulatorsMINIMIDIMAXI
Manual DrainWorking pressure:12bar.40μmOFR-1/8-MINIOFR-1/4-MINIOFR-3/8-MINIOFR-3/8-MIDIOFR-1/2-MIDIOFR-3/4-MIDIOFR-3/4-MAXIOFR-1-MAXI
Working pressure:7bar.40μmOFR-1/8-7-MINIOFR-1/4-D-7-MINIOFR-3/8-7-MINIOFR-3/8-7-MIDIOFR-1/2-7-MIDIOFR-3/4-7-MIDIOFR-3/4-7-MAXIOFR-1-7-MAXI
Working pressure:12bar.5μmOFR-1/8-5M-MINIOFR-1/4-5M-MINIOFR-3/8-5M-MINIOFR-3/8-5M-MIDIOFR-1/2-5M-MIDIOFR-3/4-5M-MIDIOFR-3/4-5M-MAXIOFR-1-5M-MAXI
Manometer0-12barOMA-40-16-1/ 8OMA-50-16-1/ 4
0-7barOMA-40-10-1/ 8OMA-50-10-1/ 4
MediumCompressed Air
Features of structureSintered filter with water sparator; MINI/MIDI: Diaphragm type regulator ; MAXI:Piston regulator
Mounting typePipe mounting or foot mounting
Assembly positionVertical±5°
Standard nominal flow rate OFR---7-(-A)90015001700340039003900950016000
Primary pressureManual condensate drain1-16bar
 Automatic condensate drain1.5-12bar
Working pressure0.5-12bar/0.5-7bar
Grade of filtration40μm/5μm
Capacity of condensate fluid22ml43ml80ml
Temperature range0-60 °C
Materials informationBody : Zinc die-casting. Filter bowl and oil bowl: PC.  Metal bowl guard: Aluminium alloy.  Seals: NBR.  Adjusting knob: POM

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How to order the OFR (Filter and Regulator). It showed as below : OFR- MINI, MIDI, MAXI -G1/8, G1/4, G3/8,G1/2, G3/4,G1-Manual type or Auto drain type.

The schematic diagram of pneumatic FRL parts OFR (Filter and Regulator) and graphic symbol of OFR (Filter and Regulator) showed as right picture. If you want to know more information, please contact us. 
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