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SI Series Standard Cylinder (ISO6431)

Product Performance:

1. IS06431 standard cylinder.

2. the piston seal using the two Y type one-way, seal structures, which has compensation function, long service life, and low start pressure.

3. aluminum rice shaped, non bar, good anticorrosion property.

4. The cylinder buffer adjustment is stable.

5. A variety of specifications of the installation of accessories available to customers choose.
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Ordering code for SI Series Standard Cylinder(ISO6431);
Specification for SI Series Standard Cylinder(ISO6431); Symbol,schematic diagram for SI Series Standard Cylinder(ISO6431);
Overall Dimensions for SI Series Standard Cylinder(ISO6431);
Installation and application: 1. When the load has change during work, it is necessary to select the cylinder with sufficient output force; 2. At high temperatures or corrosive conditions, it is necessary to select the corresponding high-temperature resistance and corrosion resistance cylinder; 3. In the cases of high humidity, excessive dust, or water drop, oil dust, and welding slag, necessary protective measures shall be taken for the cylinder; 4. Before connecting the cylinder to the pipeline, it is necessary to remove dirt in the pipeline to avoid impurity entry into the cylinder 5. Medium for the cylinder can be used after being filtered by the filter element above 40 um. 6. In low temperature environment, it is necessary to take antifreezing measures to prevent water freezing in the system. 7. Before use, the cylinder shall undergo no-load test run; before running, it is necessary to adjust buffer to a minimum and then gradually loosen it to avoid cylinder damage due to too large impact; 8. The cylinder shall be avoided from lateral load during work to maintain normal work of the cylinder and extend its service life; 9. When the cylinder is removed and not used for a long time, it is necessary to pay attention to the surface rust; in addition, air inlet and exhaust port shall be applied with dustproof plug cap additionally.

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